Distributor Sign Up

Sign up as a Modern Threads Online Distributor and receive up to 50% commissions on personal sales.

We have 4 kits available to purchase.

All distributors should order products directly from our website.

All kits include discounts for distributors however, each kit will have different levels of commissions and discounts.

ONLY LEGGINGS IN "Distributor Collection" can be used to order stock at up to 50%.

*Leggings ordered come in sets of 2

*Orders can take 5 to 7 business days

*Cancelled or returned orders are subject to 15% cancellation fee.


Must have original tags 

Returned within 7 days

Restrictions apply‼️

** You MAY NOT be affiliated with any other leggings company to join Modern Threads Online


To be concidered “active” , distributors must order 50pv every 6 months.

To be concidered qualified (to receive downline commissions) distributors must order 50pv every calendar month.

**Each distributor will be given 2 discount codes.

The first one will be for personal purchases and the other is for your customer sales. 

When a customer places an order using your code, they will be given a 10% discount.

When we see the code has been used, that code tells us that your customer had placed an order and we owe you a commission.

Your customer is now registered under your account for all future purchases.

The 10% off code is only valid for first time customers.

ALL COMMISSIONS ARE PAID OUT WITHIN 24 HOURS. ($10 minimum required for payout)

Downline Commissions are paid out at the end of the month.

 Wigs purchased by distributors are 35% discount at checkout using your code ONLY! 

Wig purchases made (personal or otherwise) are 35%-50% commissions.


Customers & personal wig orders must use your code at checkout and after the first $500 in wig purchases your commissions becomes 50%. *Refreshes every month.